MTR Digital Motion & Digital Panel Network

MTR Digital Motion

MTR Digital Motion is a high impact out-of-home Digital Motion network which covers trackside and concourse in MTR key stations. With its excellent visual and audio quality, MTR Digital Motion delivers advertisers’ message to target audience effectively with proven high reach and frequency.

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    • MTR Digital Motion Network

      It is the largest outdoor HD Digital Motion Network with biggest screen size in Hong Kong. Total 105 units of 103" HD Plasma TVs installed along 44 highest traffic tracks in 26 prime MTR stations, delivers powerful visual & audio impact to grasp passengers' attention when they are waiting for the train on platform.

    • MTR TV Hot Spot

      Strategically located at 5 high traffic platforms at Admiralty, Causeway Bay, Mong Kok, Tsim Sha Tsui & Kowloon Tong stations, MTR TV Hot Spot allows sole ownership of specific trackside 103" Plasma TV to provide a domination impact to make your brands stand out and thus enhance the ad recall to passengers.

    • Concourse TV Network

      A total of 51 LCD TVs are installed mainly in the waiting areas of high-traffic locations in 48 stations, offering high frequency exposure to passengers.

MTR Digital Panel

MTR Digital Panel maximizes creative flexibility with its unique image-flow feature, making a dynamic multi-visual impact in a captive environment.

  • MTR Digital Panel  examples
    • Digital Panel Network

      Digital Panel is an innovative and network product for mass coverage with creative flexibility for dynamic and multi-visual impact. Pairs of 65" HD Plasma panels are located in 10 high traffic stations throughout both the concourses and platforms. With the cutting edges of digital technology, it offers highly creative flexibility for animation and image-flow execution to generate a high impact of motion and visual in a captive environment.